Friday, 6 May 2011

Whats new lately! Mothers Day!

Hi guys!

At mothers day you get to make your own card and print it out! How cool! What you do first is you pick out your card, add the decorating, click your message and print it out. You get a free T-shirt. For girls its pink for boys its blue. This is my card I created for the mother's day:          This one ^
shiri101 and tanna902                                                   

Thursday, 28 April 2011

Check out the new adventure game in the forest!

Hi Guys!

Welcome back. Check out the new adventure game in the super power shop or the Enchanted forest. It has alot of harder levels and great music and fun! Everyone is going to it. Come join in! 

And there is new Level-lock items to unlock. But some things you have to be a member so only get the ones without (if you aren't a member like me). Have fun!

shiri101 and tanna902 

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

How to turn the light on in the Creature shop and a cheat in the Top models building!

Hi guys,

The first cheat is how to turn the light on in the creature shop. First you go to the Creature shop and you see that little light next to the door? Click on that and it will light up.

The second cheat is how to reveal a secret message in the Top models building. First go inside the Top models building. See the computer and the yellow button? Click on that lots and lots of times until a blue background appears. You will have to zoom in to see the message. If you have a mac, click view at the top left of your screen. On other computers zoom in.

shiri101 and tanna902

Sunday, 24 April 2011

Some other cheats.

Hi guys.

Today we have some new cheats to share with you. The first one is how to make the bubbles move in the Forest. First you go to the Forest. Then you click on the bubbles on the tree behind the grotto and they will move.

The second cheat is to make cups multiply in the star cafe. First you go to the star cafe and click in between the counter and the cash register. The more you click, the more cups will appear.

The third cheat is to turn the lights on in the star cafe. First you go to the star cafe. Can you see the Today's special sign? Well, Click on the lights next to the sign and they will light up. 

Last but not least, go to the beach and click on the coconut tree that is leaning to the left. Monkeys will come and steal the coconuts. 

shiri101 and tanna902

Saturday, 23 April 2011

Whats new.....Come celebrate Easter week!

                                           Hi Guys,
Its Easter week! Hurry instores to get new stuff, like clothes and furniture. 

Play Egg battles and loads of other fun, new games! What you have to do in the Costume battle, is run under the paint brushes and get your egg painted. 

The eggs with the most colour wins! Come play now! The easter party started on the 23rd of April until the 26th of April 2011. This is the third easter party on fantage so many of you already know how to play the games.


Thursday, 21 April 2011

Friends sharing and joining in the Blog

Friend of the week goes to:
My name on fantage is tanna902.
My favourite game to play is fantage and I could play for hours.
It's so cool I've been offered to share my             knowledge about this awesome game. I will be working with shish101 on the blog from now on and I am exited to hear your comments.

This is how you fly in fantage:

First teleport to the Creature Arena and then click the map to go to Le Shop in fantage. Then click on your Inventory and click the tab button until it reaches the "ORY" in My inventory at the top. Then click enter and exit whatever appears on your screen. Then click the Inventory again and exit it and then click anywhere off the ground.

I hope this works for you because it worked for me. I'm not a member so this can and will work for you. 

Whats going on....lately? Come celebrate Earth day!

                                                                  Avril Lavigne What the hellSome music you can listen to. :) You can click on it or copy and paste it on the internet while you are reading the news!

So the news is....that Earth day, started on the 21st of April 2011 and ends on the 22nd of April 2011. Its so fun. We play games, earn new costumes and more. Come see for yourself. We even get apple, orange and lemon heads! So much fun!

Have you heard about the new game called Bullseye? Come play it at Wizards Domain! Wizards domain has brand new items too!   
Check in quickly before time runs out! Only one more day left! Hurry.